Creativity and critical spirit, the skills to find work in the future

Impactscool brings university students into the future by preparing them for tomorrow’s challenges and teaching them to understand future scenarios and trends that will define the environment in which they will work.

Impactscool deepens the theme of exponential technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotics, 3D printing, biotechnology and much more, underlining the impact that they will have on our society.

Through innovative teaching formats, based on debate and comparison, we help them develop the soft skills needed in the future’s world of work: ability to work in groups, critical spirit, public speaking attitude, creativity and decision-making ability.

Finally, we have proposed activities that have been included in the career of some degree courses and that have allowed participating students to acquire training credits.

The future can be taught

Impactscool believes that the future is open source. For this reason, it provides teachers and professors with teaching materials with the Creative Commons formula.


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