Let's create the school of the future, together

Impactscool brings the future in Italian schools and does so through an innovative teaching method and practical and participatory formats, designed for children aged 11 and over.

In February 2018, Impactscool signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Education of the University and Research for the training of teachers and students with their own teaching methods. In particular, we realized over 20 Vision Hacks during the Futura Italia events, organized by the MIUR as part of the National Digital School Plan.

Through its training methods, Impactscool provides young people with the knowledge to understand the great changes taking place, offering them an overview of the main emerging technologies and their impacts.
Furthermore, it favors the development of transversal skills, the so-called soft skills, which are fundamental for the world of work and understand the training path most suited to achieving their goals. Participating in Impactscool activities thus becomes an extraordinary opportunity for guidance and an opportunity to the kids to think about their personal and professional future.

Civic education

The Impactscool formats can be carried out as School-Work Alternation projects and allow you to achieve many of the learning objectives envisaged by the teaching of the "new civic education". These include active and digital citizenship, environmental sustainability, sustainable development, labour law, and the right to health and well-being of the person.

Laboratories, training courses and hackathons

Impactscool proposes different formats focused on emerging and future technologies, of different durations and dedicated to different age groups.

In addition to 2-4 hour workshops, to be included in the educational program, it is possible to organize training courses and hackathons, designed and developed tailored to the needs of the school and its students.

Our formats
Laboratories, training courses and hackathons

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