Let's create the school of the future, together

Impactscool teaches us to think about the future, to give everyone the opportunity to participate consciously in the change.  Impactscool uses collaborative and immersive methods: workshops, role-playing games, debates.
From June 2017 Impactscool started a collaboration with the Ministry of Education, University and Research, to bring the teaching of the future not only to students but also to teachers of Italian schools. Since 2018 the collaboration has been formalized with a protocol of agreement.

In particular, as part of the national digital school plan of MIUR, Impascool proposes the #woMEST project, the national call to the STEM subjects, science, technology, engineering, mathematics, for the female public.

We provide professors and students with licensed creative commons and we are available for training sessions to teachers, so that they can use the materials independently.

The future can be taught

Impactscool believes that the future is open source. For this reason, it provides teachers and professors with teaching materials with the Creative Commons formula.


Do you work for a school and do you think it's time to think about the future? Contact Us!

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