The Impactscool method

Allow students to acquire new knowledge and develop increasingly important transversal skills in the job market. Impactscool, with its innovative teaching methods, offers young people the tools to understand the present and actively participate in the creation of the future.

The activities can be carried out as a school-work alternation, allow to achieve the educational objectives envisaged by the new "civic education" and can also be used in the context of teacher training for the hours spent alongside the trainers of Impactscool.

Impactscool offers different formats focused on emerging and future technologies. The programs vary according to age and duration and are for children aged 11 to 24.


The Impactscool laboratories are meetings for 2-4 hours: they can be proposed individually or within training courses that can reach up to 60 hours of activity.

These are not frontal lessons but workshops in which children participate actively.
Impactscool organizes workshops focused on the study and creation of the future, debates dedicated to the impact of emerging technologies in society and plays and challenges aimed also at younger students.

These include the Debate Tech, Design Fiction and We Play to the Future formats.

Impactscool Labs

Cycles of meetings

These are training courses lasting 6 or more meetings of 2 hours each, up to a maximum of 60 hours of activity.

During the meetings there will be an alternation of theoretical and practical part and aim to deepen the technologies, their applications and their impacts, present and future, and provide the students with the tools to imagine possible futures, approaching the future as a true and true own science.

These include the Applied Tech and Future and Tech formats.

Cycles of meetings


Impactscool also performs Hackathons lasting two or more consecutive days. It has organized over 20 Hackathons as part of the “Futura Italia” events, organized by the MIUR.

In particular, Impactscool proposes its format called Vision Hack, a hackathon dedicated to creating visions of the future. An excellent tool to reflect on the changes taking place starting from the signals of the present and try to imagine one of the possible futures.

Vision Hack

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