and future thinking

Impactscool Social Responsibility brings the FUTURE to schools and universities, thanks to the support of its Partners and Ambassadors’ commitment. The aim is to stimulate and teach critical thinking, creativity, decision-making, collaboration and flexibility, all essential skills for the historical period in which we live and for what will come.

For this reason, Impactscool has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with MIUR, the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, with the aim of bringing the study of the future into schools, guiding students, teachers and citizens towards the use of foresight techniques and tools for a correct planning of tomorrow.

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The future can be taught

Impactscool believes that the future is open source. For this reason, it provides teachers and professors with teaching materials with the Creative Commons formula.

Future and Emerging Technologies

The formats

Impactscool Social Responsibility offers several formats focusing on emerging technologies and the future. Programs vary according to the target and the duration and are designed for young people aged 11 to 24. The activities can be organized directly for the students or for their teachers, providing them with the tools to replicate the formats independently.

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Future's school

Thinking the future is a science. Our goal is to stimulate and teach critical thinking, creativity, decision-making, collaboration and flexibility.


A journey to the future

Impactscool’s Ambassadors are a group of visionary enthusiasts of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. A team of opinion-leaders from the digital world, united by courage, resourcefulness and love for the future. Through their activities, the Ambassadors contribute to the workshops organization and participate in the debate on exponential technologies. They share a common dream: to create the best possible future.

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We teach the Future, even online

Thanks to the collaboration with Redooc, some lessons of Future realized by Cristina Pozzi, Ceo and Co-founder of Impactscool, are now also available online.
The Impactscool course on, entitled “Analyzing the future”, is divided into three sections: “The future as science”, “Signals of the future” and “Exercises on the future”. Each section contains video lessons and graphic presentations, full of examples and ideas to replicate the activities even after the online course.
Students have the opportunity to take the lessons of Impactscool on independently or “guided” by their professors, who can use the platform to experiment with new methods of digital teaching. Access to the site is free, while for viewing the videos and carrying out the exercises, registration is required (free).

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