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Are you ready
the future? 

If you think that studying new technologies, understanding the changes of our society and studying the future are fundamental topics, this executive program is designed for you.

Join us and the most important innovation leaders of our faculty for a series of lessons and exercises on exponential technologies and the future.

Who you'll meet during this course?

By participating in this executive program you will be part of a group of dynamic leaders and changemakers from different companies and markets.

This context will be very important in understanding and expanding the perspectives of change.

In our Executive program you will find CEOs, C-lever, R & D executives, entrepreneurs and investors, government officials.

What's the program of the course?

For 3 days we will dive deeply into the future, dealing with the most cutting-edge concepts and tools in the fields of foresight, innovation, emerging technologies and climate change.

World-class experts will be by your side during your customized training path delivering interactive presentations and activities to leverage your mindset skills and gain awareness on each specific topic session.

3 days to transform
your company

We invite selected managers who are eager to be bearers of change, Italian leaders who have decided to discover the exponential opportunities and social responsibility that they will face in the future.

For this reason participation in this course is allowed only after admission. The application must be submitted by filling out the form on the website.

You will have a thorough understanding of the emerging technologies and the impacts they have in our society.


You will have new methods and tools to bring into your company to drive change rather than suffer it.


After the program

Many programs focus on the best business practices of the present, this program wants to offer you a vision of the future. At the end of this three-day program you will bring home:

You will have a different awareness of the profound future changes in our society and how to plan future scenarios.


Impactscool teaches us to think about the future to give everyone the opportunity to participate consciously in change.
Faced with so many changes, Impactscool, an organization founded in Italy at the end of 2016, proposes an innovative method to drive people into the future and learn to imagine the social and moral impacts that the technologies and the changes deriving from them will have on our lives.




Are you the leader 
of innovation we
are looking for?

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