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Companies must be ready to face the technological wave that is coming, to be able to ride it and exploit its potential.

Critical spirit, creativity and ability to take decisions are skills always more important at work.
Impactscool offers companies customized projects, courses and exclusive programs to guide executives and employees towards the future: it spreads a culture of innovation and offers training on new technologies and their potential.
All Impactscool projects with companies are aimed at financing the non-profit activities in schools and universities. Collaborating with Impactscool, therefore, the company allows many students to receive free training on the future, innovation and impacts of emerging technologies, such as robotics, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, nanotechnology and blockchain, in our society.
This through workshops and events, which will be held by technology experts.

The companies that choose Impactscool will benefit from a tax credit of 30% of the value of training thanks to the national industry 4.0 plan.


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Discover personalized projects, courses and exclusive programs
to guide your company towards the future

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The ways that lead to the future are endless. We create a tailor-made path to guide companies towards future scenarios.

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