Impactscool for companies

Impactscool offers companies customized projects, courses and exclusive programs to guide managers and employees towards the future, spreading a culture of innovation and offering training on new technologies and their potential.


Team Training

Training activities and events to inspire managers and employees


Innovation laboratories

Workshops and practical workshops to develop knowledge and skills


Corporate Social Responsability

Supports Impactscool activities and workshops in schools and universities

Why Impactscool

Companies must be ready to face the technological wave that is coming, to be able to ride it and exploit its potential.

Why a company should choose Impactscool:


  • Increasing ORIENTATION TO THE FUTURE helps to better understand the present and make more informed strategic decisions
  • EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES and their potential is a necessary tool to face the big changes going on
  • Impactscool costs are subject to a TAX CREDIT of 40% of the value of the training thanks to the national industry plan 4.0 *
  • CSR: every Impactscool activity with companies aim to finance education¬†activities.

Future Immersion

Impactscool organizes two-day Executive courses. The courses are in Italian.

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